Wastewater Treatment Systems

Cromaglass Wastewater Treatment Systems are essentially Seqenching Batch Reactors (SBR) as opposed to conventional continuous flow activated sludge systems. Treatment is by timed sequences within a single vessel. Continuous flow systems require several vessels, using a larger land area and higher installation costs.

Because time functions can be easily changed, an SBR provides custom treatment dependent on varying hydraulic and biological loading up to the designed capacity of the system.

Cromaglass Systems can be installed in modules, meaning a lower initial investment. The system can start with one independent module designed to treat the initial loading.

As development grows, additional modules can be added as needed.

Modules can be added at the initial site, or if more economical, a new treatment site can be used.

Because a batch system requires less land area, it can be placed in multiple locations - saving additional piping/pumping cost

Sample Projects

Lightwieight fiberglass mudule being off loaded and set in place
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  Cromaglass BENEFITS
Thoroughly Tested No offensive Noise or Odours
Modular Construction Accepts Overload Easily Installed
Automatic Controls Easily Expanded Positive Discharge
Monitoring 24 Hours Lightweight "Flow Thru" Eliminated
Non-corrosive Environmentally Friendly